Paintings by Ludmila Budanov

5 - 12 December 2023

Opening event: Tuesday, 5 December at 7pm

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5 - 12 December 2023

Opening event: Tuesday, 5 December between 7pm-10pm

With her unique paintings Ludmila Budanov  wants to show us the beauty of nature and calls for ...

"Save it!" Take care of this world, this beautiful planet.

Ludmila's works cannot be confused with others - she manages to create her own, unique style and her own technique, the distinctive feature of which is dynamism and vibrations.

It is important to note the bright palette as another distinctive feature of the master. Her work is very positive. It symbolizes development, beauty, radiates warmth and energizes life. Budanov has exhibited in Europe in places such as Amsterdam at the international Art Fair, at the Art Revolution Taipei art fair in Taiwan and the International Art Fair in China.






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