Three independent artists collaborate to experiment and create side-by-side

27 October - 4 November 2023

Opening night: Friday, 27 October at 7pm

operating hours: 10am — 1pm and 4pm — 7pm Mon-Sat




Exhibition images availabale HERE

Video of COLLAPSE creating process available HERE



The ARTNOW curatorial team presents FIXED CLOUD — the inaugural exhibition of the art collective Collapse features the works of three artists, namely: Sasha Slepchuk, Masha Adamova and Skolzki.

What makes this project truly unique is that each piece you will see was created by all three artists at the same time. They work with paper and canvases, incorporate the elements typical for their art styles, pass the work on to each other, or create it simultaneously by all three of them, uniting individual languages into a common one. 

The artists joined together to explore the issues of boundaries, interaction, balance and emotions. The art of Collapse is primarily expressionistic, a cipher for memories and emotions that can be frank and poetic as well as intimate and universal. Experiment, challenge and play are visualized in their works as semi-figurative images or complete abstraction. 

The FIXED CLOUD exhibition is the result of the first year of artists working together. The name of the show describes an attempt to stop the movement which is supposed to be unstoppable, to anchor the cloud and notice, what is the imprint of this fixation? 

During September 2023's BEONIX music festival, the art group Collapse performed a collaborative creation of art work in public and displayed some of their works in a pop-up exhibition. But the FIXED CLOUD is their first exhibition in a gallery space. The place was not chosen by chance — the event will take place in Morphy Gallery — the oldest gallery in Limassol, which hosts remarkable shows of up-and-coming and leading artists of Cyprus and Greece.

The exhibition will be complemented by an open talk where artists will answer questions about their collaboration and discuss topics of creative expression and the artistic community of Cyprus. 

The FIXED CLOUD exhibition is organized by the ARTNOW curatorial team with support of art producer Natalia Kaygorodova.

It is free and open to the public.




In 2006 he received a diploma of higher education with a degree in Architecture at Ufa Petroleum Technical University. From 2007 to the present, the main field of activity is a concept artist, art director and illustrator in the field of game development. In 2020 started to work with large formats and begins to search for his own theme and form in fine art. Works in graphics, painting, sculpture. The leitmotiv is invariably plastic and anatomy, figure and female image, glitch, deconstructive, multi materials, graphic, text, abstract.


Sasha Slepchuk

Sasha received a MA in Graphics and Animation in the Ural State University of Architecture and Art in Ekaterinburg, Russia in 2013. The main area of her interest is a sensitive exploration of rebirth, where transformation meets emotions, experience, destruction boundaries and inspiration for acceptance change. Sasha works with painting, graphics, ceramics, installation, animation.


Masha Adamova

Masha graduated from the International Academy of Business and Management. She got a degree with distinction in Interior Design in 2006. It’s essential for her to convey the feeling of a particular time in her work and show how fragments of the events, images, and places of the surrounding life intertwine with personal experiences and emotions. She works with collages, ceramics, acrylic on canvas and makes installations.



ARTNOW is a curatorial project of art critic Polina Dobrogaeva and art historian Anastasia Shamshurova. The main focus of ARTNOW is professional exhibition directing, art advising and artists promotion.

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Exhibition images availabale HERE

Video of COLLAPSE creating process available HERE





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