2-4 December 2022

Opening night on Friday, 2 December at 19:00

SOLAR PLEXUS - is a group exhibition of 12 women artists living in Cyprus.

They are: Ilona Za Kuzniatsova, Masha Adamova, Nata Chebarkova, Alisa Abramova, Aleksandra Slepchuk, Irina Pakhmutova, Nastya Golovina, Yulia Breyneng, Anna Gulina, Ekaterina Ivanova, Tatiana Potapova, Ksenia Anisimova.

The show brings together professional and aspiring artists, enabling the public to discover the variety of art expressions. 

The Solar plexus, a mass of nerves that radiates from the center of the torso, received its name due to its resemblance to the sun’s rays. Plexus means network and it is a good description of interconnections in our body as well as in our life. A blow to the solar plexus, as a blow to the center of your life fundamentals, gets the wind knocked out of you. 

All the artists of Solar Plexus project live in Cyprus. This is where their art is nourished by a close relationship with different cultures and communities. The artists deal with the questions of correlation between matter and spirit, study nature and activity of consciousness, raise the questions about connections and contrasts of different entities. 

Regardless of the individual emphases in the interpretation of the art, these unique techniques and concepts reveal the striking power of art and creativity.



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