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Morfi Gallery has always had a taste for innovative events and new names, and now it made a further step towards the recent trend in the international fine arts scene - this time the gallery presents a real conceptual curator's exhibition bringing together two different artists.

The artists have first met in Cyprus and eversince they have been working together in mixed media. This exhibition is their first joint project. The exhibition will open at Galleri Morfi - Limassol on the 10th of May at 8 pm and will remain open until the 17th of the month.

Matthias Langner



Alexis (although known to rather narrow circle of connoisseurs only) has a reputation of really controversial contemporary Christian artist, whose works are full of aggression and pain, and are considered to be really disturbing. In fact, these works reflect the weird world looking like a confusing combination of religion and underground rock-culture. The artist was born in Moscow (Russia), studied icon painting with the monks of Holy Trinity (further to the will of his father) and attended the evening classes of the Moscow Fine Arts College. The skills and technique were influenced and improved through private lessons given by J.Tammsaar, Alexander Waldmann (USA) and Reverend Vladislav. The artist is a rare bird at the exhibitions - at the beginning of 90s his works were commissioned and exhibited by the galleries of Roy Miles (London) and Bernard Swagier (Paris), but since that he had only two solo shows - "Catharsis" and "Tales of Hatred and Sorrow". His paintings are in private collections in USA, Italy, UK, Germany, Austria and France, but now he works mainly for the collectors from UK and Germany. This is not only the first exhibition within the last 5 years, but the most representative one as it shows paintings from corporate and private collections as well.

Matthias Langner comes from Bremen (Germany). Since the very childhood he had a passion for photography and even building his own cameras. A graduate of Art School "Kunststudienstatte Ottersberg", he continued his studies through co-operation with well-known photo artists - Wolfgang Heim, Helmut Kunde (Germany) and William Carter (USA). Since that the photographer became an established free-lance in digital photography, who worked for industry, museums and banks - he has been employed by Kraft (Masterfoods), University of Bremen, The Museum of Gerhard Macks, Kunsthalle Oldenburg, Weserburg Bremen and Bremer Landesbank. On the one hand, the photographer is one of the top authorities with 360 degrees round shots, but on the other hand his main subject is the world of women - from arrogance to tenderness, from ugliness to beauty. The collection of works by Matthias Langner also reflects not only his past experience, but the recent photo sessions in Cyprus as well.