Andreas M. Georgiou

23 November 2010

Opening Night: Tuesday, 23 November @ 19:30

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On Tuesday November 23 Andreas M. Georgiou presents his work at Morfi gallery in Limassol.

Andreas M. Georgiou was born in 1985 in Limassol, Cyprus. With Professor G. Golfinos as his mentor, he studied painting at the School of Fine Arts in Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

In this presentation Andreas M. Georgiou exhibits an ensemble of artworks - a   research  based on the idea of ‘body energy’  and a sequence of self-portraits.

In general, his works are mostly exploring the ego and its multiple dimensions. His research on art is considered to be a personal introspection, enriched with experiments on various methods concerning different materials and the act of expression. Moreover, Georgiou is highly interested in the relationship created between the image and the material.

His inspirations and influences are driven from painting as such, performing art and body art, following mostly the idea of 'body-energy'. Having in mind these concepts, his work developed into a three-dimensional gestural painting, or as it is called 'Somatographies'. With his creations, his main attempt is to capture the energy of the body.

He already participated in numerous exhibitions in Greece and Cyprus, most importantly at Biennale of Crete, Action Field Kodra 10 and Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

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